How to buy the best pop up sun shelter

Going to the beach during summer is a fun way to spend your holidays, but it is also important to ensure you are safe from the dangerous heat and sun rays. To get your much needed sun coverage for you, your family and kids or even for your pets, then a good quality beach pop up sun shelter is what you should be going for. Pop up shelters are great for shadow, as well as comfort while on the beach. Moreover, you can use one even in your own backyard, as a relaxing spot where you can read, paint and even have a picnic.

What features to look for in a Pop Up Tent

The most important feature of pop up shelters is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) which protects you from dangerous ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. You should always look for tents with an UPF of 50 or higher, to make sure it will be the most efficient.

Beaches are often windy, so you also need to be looking for pop up shelters with a good support feature. The best shelters will have either metal stakes or fillable sandbags, to make sure that your tent is stable even in the harshest conditions.

You should also consider what size you are looking for: are you looking for a small, one-person tent, or for a family size one? After that, you need to find a pop up tent that is very portable: it needs to be lightweight and easy to carry, and not take up too much space while folded.

Where to find the best Beach Pop Up Sun Shelter

Now that you know what features you should be looking for when purchasing a new pop up sun shelter, you should also know where to find the best selection of products. Normally, Amazon features a great selection of highly positively reviewed Beach Shelters, out of which you are bound to find one that really fits your needs.

The best reviews are the ones from the Easy Beach Up Tent. This tent is made using incredibly lightweight fabric and weighs around five pounds, making it very portable. It has large windows to let some light in, making it the perfect relaxation spot while on the beach. Many reviews also have said that it is incredibly easy to assemble, taking no more than 30 seconds to set up.

The Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent is another great product. This product doesn’t require assembly, as it pops up in seconds. On the bottom side it also features a spacious blanket, perfect for lying down or for kids and pets to play on without worrying about the sand.

The Portable Shade Tent is acclaimed to be very multifunctional. While set up, it provides an extended floor, which can also zip up for privacy. It has a dry line incorporated, perfect to use as a drying rack for towels and bathing suits. On the sides, it also has integrated pockets, perfect to safely store your belongings in an organised matter.

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